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How Long Does a DreamCloud Mattress Last?

DreamCloud mattresses last around eight to ten years on average. Yet, its life can be extended based on your usage.

The Better Sleep Council suggests that one should replace its mattress every seven years. However, DreamCloud beds can be used beyond the implied years.

Let’s check out the article to find out how DreamCloud mattresses last this much.

how long does a DreamCloud mattress last

Does DreamCloud mattress last long?

DreamCloud mattresses can serve you for eight to ten years easily. Besides, the company also gives three years of warranty on its beds.

However, with the proper use of DreamCloud, you can increase your mattress’s lifespan. And by proper use, using mattresses maintaining some guidelines, such as

  • Avoid dropping water
  • Not sleeping at the sides
  • Flipping the mattress periodically
  • Avoid jumping on the mattress

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Do DreamCloud mattresses sag?

Well, it is a difficult question to answer. Many premium mattresses can sag early, and many cheap beds can last years without drooping. The sagging of mattresses depends on multiple factors. 

DreamCloud claims that the brand uses premium quality materials to manufacture its mattresses. Therefore, its mattresses will not sag even though used for years.

Also, the DreamCloud mattress manufacturer gives three years of warranty for its mattresses. As a result, you can replace or repair your mattresses any time within three years if it sags.

Anyways, let’s find out if the suit DreamCloud mattress company is making is correct or wrong.

According to some reviewers on Amazon and other reviewing platforms, DreamCloud mattresses’ sides and corners are getting sagged. Also, the sagging occurred after using it for only a couple of months.

Therefore, DreamCloud’s claim is partially wrong. Let me explain why I used the word partly.

There are other DreamCloud mattress users’ reviews. According to them, their mattresses are fine after a year or two of usage. No visual sagging has appeared on their beds.

Therefore, the sagging of the DreamCloud mattresses entirely depends on the user.

how to prevent DreamCloud mattresses from sagging

How to prevent DreamCloud mattresses from sagging?

Some tricks can save your DreamCloud mattress from sagging. Not only that, these tricks go along with any brand’s mattresses.

Firstly, try to avoid sleeping in the corners of the mattresses. Mattress’s spring coils are not present in the corners. Therefore, the sides of the beds can sag faster than any other region.

Besides, you must be careful with any type of fluid. Fluids, especially water, are harmful to the mattress’s foam. The wet mattress sags faster and can get messy if the fluid creates corrosion in your mattress coils.

According to the Better Sleep Council, you should flip your mattress at least once in three months. It will help partially restore the sagged parts of your bed.

Sagged mattresses are not comfortable for sleeping. By flipping the bed, you get the tighter side which is better for your back.

When should I replace my DreamCloud mattress?

It has been six years since DreamCloud was founded. Even if you are one of the earliest DreamCloud buyers, your mattress should not reach the replacement condition.

However, you will find some signs that will indicate that you likely need a new mattress. Let’s discuss those signs.

If you see your mattress has sagged beyond the uncomfortable zone, you should change your bed. However, it has no parameters to know how much sagging will need replacement.

When you feel that you are not having sound sleep and have back pain from sleeping on the mattress, it is high time you change it.

The back pain is generally caused by the bed sagging, as sagging is just compressed solid foam.

Another cause may help you to know it is time to change your mattress. That is, the annoying noises your bed is making. It is due to corrosion in springs and stiff foam.

Stiff foam and corrosion in springs are the results of dropping fluid on your mattress. Besides, fluid, such as water, creates fungus in your mattress foam and degrades its lifespan significantly.

Finally, visual inspection is the best way to know when you should change your mattress for good. Torn and shagged mattress with springs coming out of it is probably waiting for its retirement.