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Who Makes Sven & Son Mattress

Sven & Son makes its mattresses in its manufacturing facility. Besides the facility, the company has a research and development section for further improvement.

Even though Sven & Son is a relatively new company, it is getting famous rapidly. Continue reading the article to discover more about the manufacturing of Sven & Son.

who makes Sven & Son mattress

Who is the Sven & Son mattress manufacturer?

As of 2023, Sven & Son manufactures its mattresses in its production plant. However, it started making bedding in its manufacturing facility recently.

In the beginning, Sven & Son was just a retail company. The brand sold mattresses that it bought from third-party manufacturers in Thailand and other developing countries.

Sven & Son continued being a retail company for more than five years. However, the company noticed that most companies’ mattresses do not sustain long as they claim in advertising.

Besides, most companies’ mattresses that Sven & Son sold did not have the longevity and quality that those companies claimed.

Thus, Sven & Son invested in the research and development sector. And guess what. The investment paid off. Now, this company is turning into one of the leading mattress companies in the bedding market.

After the first mattress prototype, Sven & Son opened a bed manufacturing facility in the United States. And it has been manufacturing its mattresses in its facility since then.

is Sven & Son mattress made in the USA

Is Sven & Son mattress made in the USA?

Sven & Son manufactures its mattresses in the United States. Its headquarter is in Jacksonville, Florida, and its manufacturing plant is also in that location.

Though Sven & Son is producing its mattress inside the country now, it was not always the same. Before establishing the manufacturing facility, the company sourced its products from southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand.

However, it is all past. As of 2023, Sven & Son is one of the growing companies in the United States. Not only does it produce its mattresses in the United States, but its origin also lies in this country.

There is limited information made public about Sven & Son mattress company. Thus, the founders or founding date is not available at this moment.

However, in 2023, the owner and the president of Sven & Son company is Josh Swenson. He has been working in this position since November 2019.

Though Josh Swenson is the owner of Sven & Son, there is a part-owner of this company named Taylor Allen.

As Sven & Son is an American-made mattress, the company has to maintain a certain standard. Therefore, consumers can buy this company’s mattress with double surety of good quality.

What does Sven & Son make other than mattresses?

Sven & Son is famous in Florida and neighboring cities for its mattresses. However, the mattress is not the only product the company makes. But again, most products of Sven & Son are related to bedding.

Besides the mattresses, Sven & Son also manufactures adjustable bases. The company has divided this product into several series, such as platinum, classic, plus, etc.

Moreover, Sven & Son also manufactures protectors and sheets for its mattresses. It helps to reduce the dust and spot problems that every bedding has to go through.

You will find some accessories on Sven & Son company’s website. It is also related to mattresses as well. Some of the accessories are side-retainer bars, headboard brackets, etc.

In a word, Sven & Son not only sells mattresses but also all the necessary things that will help you to maintain your mattress. Using these will increase your mattress’s lifespan significantly.

What does Sven & Son use to make mattresses?

According to the product description on Sven & Son’s website, the company uses unconventional items in its mattresses.

As all Sven & Son mattresses are premium, memory foam is used in them. However, memory foam has become more often in other brands as well.

An interesting fact is that Sven & Son uses charcoal and bamboo in their mattresses. According to the company’s official description, charcoal absorbs bacteria and moisture.

On the other hand, bamboo keeps the mattress cooler overnight. Thus, a long time sleeping in the same place will not make the mattress uncomfortably hot.