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Who Makes Pottery Barn Sofas in 2024?

Even though Pottery Barn is a subsidiary brand, it has a manufacturing plant of its own. There, the company makes its famous sofas.

People know Pottery Barn company for its wide variety of furniture. And that includes its sofas. Read the article to find out more about Pottery Barn sofas.

who makes Pottery Barn sofas

Who is Pottery Barn’s manufacturer?

Pottery Barn is a subsidiary company. The brand has a manufacturing plant near Hickory city in North Carolina, United States. There, it produces its furniture.

However, the furniture production of Pottery Barn is under the control of Williams-Sonoma, Inc. It is also the owner of this furniture company.

Since 1986, Williams Sonoma has been producing Pottery Barn furniture. However, it was not always the manufacturer of this brand’s products.

Before Williams Sonoma, GAP was the producer of Pottery Barn’s furniture. In 1984, the company first got control over the furniture manufacturer brand. And GAP was the owner for only two years.

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is the Pottery Barn sofa American made

Is the Pottery Barn sofa American made?

Pottery Barn assembles its sofas in the United States. However, the brand’s materials are not entirely produced or sourced natively.

Pottery is currently a multinational company. It operates its stores in several countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, and Mexico. Therefore, Pottery Barn has to handle a massive production.

The products that Pottery Barn sources from outside the USA, including

  • Medium Density Fiberboard
  • Engineered Wood
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • Kiln-Dried Wood
  • Natural Linen
  • Organic Cotton
  • Synthetic Fabric

As its production line is very dynamic and needs a constant supply of raw materials, it sources materials from outside the United States.

Anyways, Pottery Barn’s plant is only in the United States. So, all the products, including sofas, come with the tag Made in the USA.

Is the Pottery Barn sofa made in China?

The answer is no. Pottery Barn does not have any manufacturing facilities in China. Moreover, it does not depend on third-party manufacturers to produce its furniture, and that includes sofas.

Currently, many furniture brands are using third-party manufacturers in China to produce their furniture at a lower cost. Therefore, it is natural to come to mind if Pottery Barn makes its sofas in China.

Pottery Barn is a nearly 75 years old brand. Generally, old brands do not rely on Chinese manufacturers and have their production facilities. And Pottery Barn is not an exception.

According to Slumber Search, Pottery Barn imports various parts of its sofas outside the United States. And the brand did not publish from which countries it imports parts.

Pottery Barn does not make sofas in China but in the United States. It has only one plant from which it supplies all over its stores in all four countries.

is the Pottery Barn sofa made in China

When did Pottery Barn start making sofas?

Pottery Barn is famous for some of its furniture, and the sofa is one of them. There are no official statements about when the company will start making sofas.

However, this furniture certainly is one of the founding pieces of furniture of this brand.

In 1949, Paul Secon and Morris Secon established a furniture factory in West Chelsea, Manhattan, New York City. They named it Pottery Barn. The supply chain was getting big rapidly, and in 1966, it opened its seventh store.

In 1984, GAP bought Pottery Barn and had its own for only two years. But in two years, it increased its business by 13 stores.

And the furniture that has skyrocketed its popularity, including

  • Sofa
  • Table
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Bed
  • Bedside Table

Also, the quality of the products helped to grow Pottery Barn’s business exponentially.

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what is Pottery Barn Sofas made of

What is Pottery Barn Sofas made of?

Pottery Barn sofas are made of organic wood. Besides, the company also manufactures low-end sofas from engineered materials such as compressed wood powder.

As for the fabric, Pottery Barn uses both leather and synthetic fabric, such as reskin. According to the brand, it has employed skilled artisans for the sewing and cutting of sofa fabrics.

The details you see in your Pottery Barn sofas are all handmade. For low-end sofas, the company uses intelligent sewing machines and laser cutters for fast production.