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Who Makes DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud manufactures its mattresses in its manufacturing facility. However, as a subsidiary brand of Resident, it is in charge of making DreamCloud mattresses.

For the convenience of DreamCloud, it secured one of the top positions in the US market. Therefore, read through the article to learn further about this famous company.

who makes DreamCloud mattress

Who manufactures DreamCloud mattresses?

Resident is the manufacturer of DreamCloud mattresses. DreamCloud has its production facility but is under the control and supervision of the Resident.

Besides DreamCloud, Resident has several other mattress subsidiary brands. However, it is the company through which Resident sells mattresses of premium segments.

Most newer mattress companies reach third-party manufacturers in the Chinese region for production. As a relatively new company, many may think that DreamCloud is using a third-party producer for its mattress manufacturing.

However, DreamCloud has confirmed that it has a production facility in the United Kingdom. And it makes its mattresses there with the highest quality control and monitoring.

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Who made DreamCloud mattresses previously?

DreamCloud was formed in 2016 and was an independent company till 2019. It made its mattresses under no one’s supervision.

In 2019, Resident took charge of DreamCloud. And since then DreamCloud has been manufacturing mattresses under the supervision of Resident.

Initially, it produced mattresses from China. However, as time passed, it established its manufacturing facility in the UK.

Interestingly, Resident was established in that year. There is a reason behind saying this fact is interesting. Originally, DreamCloud was an independent brand with several subsidiary brands.

However, to properly monetize the production, the company directors formed Resident and rebranded DreamCloud as its subsidiary brand. The brands that were under DreamCloud were also shifted under Resident.

Thus, now, once the parent company of several brands has become their parallel brand with a shared mother company.

is DreamCloud American made

Is DreamCloud American made?

The answer is no. DreamCloud has a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom. There, this mattress manufacturing company produces its premium and sub-premium quality mattresses.

Even though DreamCloud manufactures its mattresses outside the United States, it is an American company. And it sells its mattresses only in the North American region, including the US and Canada.

Also, the mattresses DreamCloud makes in the United Kingdom are designed in the USA. DreamCloud’s headquarter is in East Palo Alto, California, USA.

From there, the mattress company handles all the decisions about its mattress’s design, dimensions, materials, etc. Moreover, DreamCloud directly supervises quality control of the production from the United States.

Besides, everyone knows the supremacy of the European Union’s strict guidelines in terms of the quality maintenance of production. The United Kingdom was a member state of the European Union till 2022.

But now, in 2023, the UK has stepped down from its membership position in the European Union. Anyways, it does not matter.

DreamCloud follows its own set of rules to match the quality of its products as if it is produced in the USA.

Is DreamCloud a British company?

DreamCloud is not a British company but an American mattress manufacturing company.

DreamCloud imports its mattresses from the UK and holds the Made in the UK tag. Thus, many people misunderstand it as a British company. However, DreamCloud’s origin is in the USA and registered as an American company.

Moreover, its parent company, Resident, is also an American company. The headquarter of DreamCloud is in California. From there, the brand monitors and controls the production of its mattresses in the United Kingdom.

Does DreamCloud make mattresses for other brands?

DreamCloud does not manufacture mattresses for other brands. However, DreamCloud was previously the parent company of several mattress brands.

When DreamCloud became a subsidiary company of Resident, it had two brands under its control, including Nectar and Cloverlene. Till 2019, DreamCloud was supervising these two brands for manufacturing its mattresses.

After DreamCloud was rebranded as the subsidiary brand of Resident, its subsidiary companies became its sibling company. That is why DreamCloud is not producing other companies’ mattresses in 2023.