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Does Thomasville Furniture Still Exist

The name Thomasville furniture is still in the furniture market.

However, the real Thomasville furniture for which everyone knows this furniture manufacturer does not exist in 2023.

In 2023, Thomasville Furniture Industries would have been 119 years old. Read the following to learn what happened to this vintage brand and why its production went dry.

Does Thomasville Furniture Still Exist
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When did Thomasville stop making furniture?

In the 110th year of Thomasville Furniture Industries, it stopped manufacturing furniture. And of this action, 84 people lost their jobs.

In November 2013, Heritage Home Group purchased Thomasville Furniture. After buying the furniture brand, in January 2014, the company declared to sell its assets.

On 21 March 2014, Heritage Home Group sold out all the assets of Thomasville Furniture in Thomasville, North Carolina. The goal of Heritage Home was to shift Thomasville to High Point, North Carolina.

However, it turned out to be a bad decision, and Thomasville did not start manufacturing furniture again.

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Who is the owner of Thomasville Furniture

Who is the owner of Thomasville Furniture?

Since 1968, Thomasville Furniture has been operated as a subsidiary company. As of 2023, Authentic Brands Group is the owner of Thomasville furniture.

In 2017, Heritage Home Group encountered financial problems and was on the verge of bankruptcy. Thus, it sold out one of its brands, Thomasville. Besides Thomasville, Heritage has two more brands, including Henredon and Drexel.

To avoid inevitable dissolution, Heritage Home sold Thomasville to Authentic Brands Group on 31 August 2018. Since then, Thomasville Furniture Industries has been under Authentic Brands.

Who owned Thomasville previously?

The previous owner of Thomasville Furniture was Heritage Home Group. However, it was not the first owner. As a century-old company, it switched its owner several times.

In 1904, Thomasville began its journey as a chair manufacturer. But after three years, Charles F. Finch and Thomas Jefferson Finch acquired Thomasville. It was the first owner switching of this company.

However, before 1968, Thomasville was operated as an independent company. In that year, it first became a subsidiary brand, and the parent company was Armstrong World Industries.

After operating Thomasville Furniture for 27 years, in 1995, it sold the furniture brand to Interco.

Interco sold Thomasville to Heritage Home Group in 2014, and it was the end of Thomasville’s production operations. After Heritage Home took Thomasville, it operated it for three years.

Does Thomasville still make furniture?

The answer is no. As of 2023, Thomasville does not make furniture. The last time it ran its furniture production operations was back in August 2014.

To shift Thomasville furniture from Thomasville to High Point, North Carolina, Heritage Home Group sold its assets. However, the production of Thomasville Furniture was never restored.

At present, MasterBrand Cabinets manufactures Thomasville’s famous Cabinetries. Moreover, not only MBC produce cabinets for Thomasville but also uses the Thomasville brand’s signature on the cabinets.

And the furniture you see on Thomasville’s website comes from Chinese third-party manufacturers.

In 2006, Thomasville closed a production facility in North Carolina to produce furniture from the Chinese region, and that was the beginning of this company’s Chinese dependency.

Now, Thomasville is wholly dependent on Chinese manufacturers for its furniture production.

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What type of wood is Thomasville furniture made of?

Thomasville Furniture used a wide variety of wood for its furniture manufacturing. However, the most common timber this furniture manufacturer used was walnut and mahogany.

First of all, Thomasville does not manufacture furniture any longer. The furniture it manufactured in its production facility in Thomasville, North Carolina, was traditional.

The craftsmanship of Thomasville furniture gave a medieval vibe. As a result, its furniture was widely famous to people that liked traditional furniture.

Walnut and Mahogany timbers are heavy-duty. Furniture manufactured with these woods lasts decades. Therefore, Thomasville had a reputation for manufacturing long-lasting furniture.

However, to reduce weight, Thomasville used lightweight woods, such as oak. It increased the integrity, lightness, and longevity of Thomasville Furniture products.

In the end, the woods this company used for manufacturing its furnishings were Oak, Mahogany, and Walnut.