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Who Makes Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture Industries makes its furniture in its production plants. It has manufacturing facilities all over America, and all are crazy busy due to its high demand.

Currently, Ashley is one of the leading furniture brands. Therefore, read the following article to discover more about its furniture manufacturing.

Who Makes Ashley Furniture

Who is the manufacturer of Ashley furniture?

Ashley manufactures furniture in its factories. Thus, the company does not depend on third-party manufacturers like most other for-profit furniture brands.

First, you need to know that Ashley is an independent private company. Therefore, the company does not need to make furniture under other companies.

Besides, many private brands depend on third-party producers for furniture production. These brands are established for profits only. However, Ashley not only seeks profit but also employs people making workplaces.

It has been 78 years since Ashley started its furniture business. And currently, it has production plants in eight US states. Moreover, Ashley has manufacturing plants in the east Asian region as well.

In a word, Ashley is a self-depended company. And all the furniture it sells is solely made from this company’s production facilities.

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Who made Ashley's furniture previously

Who made Ashley’s furniture previously?

Arcadia Furniture was the manufacturer of Ashley furniture previously.

Ashley was established in the middle of the 1940s. In the history timeline posted on Ashley’s website, the company did not clarify who manufactured its furniture in the early years.

In 1970, when Ronald Wanek was the general manager of Ashley, the company did not manufacture its furniture on its own. Moreover, it sold Arcadia’s furniture in its showrooms.

Therefore, Arcadia Furniture may have helped Ashley to manufacture furniture in those years.

Does Ashley make furniture in the USA

Does Ashley make furniture in the USA?

Ashley is an American company. And it manufactures most of its furniture in the United States.

In 1945, Carlyle Weinberger established a furniture company in Chicago and named it Ashley Furniture. He began his furniture business with wood, even though in 2023, you will find Ashley’s furniture with engineered materials.

Therefore, Ashley not only manufactures furniture in the United States but also is an American company by origin.

Currently, Ashley has eleven manufacturing facilities all over the United States. And each facility is in a separate state of the US. The locations, including

  • Ecru, Mississippi
  • Verona, Mississippi
  • Ripley, Mississippi
  • Mesquite, Texas
  • Advance, North Carolina
  • Arcadia, Wisconsin
  • Independence, Wisconsin
  • Whitehall, Wisconsin
  • Brandon, Florida
  • Leesport, Pennsylvania

Besides these production facilities, Ashley had another facility in Redlands, California. However, that facility was shut down in 2016 and is now used as a distribution facility for pacific coastal states.

Is Ashley's furniture all made in China

Is Ashley’s furniture all made in China?

The answer is no. Not all Ashley furniture is made in China. But yes, Ashley manufactures a percentage of its furniture in the Chinese region. And most of Ashley’s furniture supply for the Asian region comes from China as well.

Whenever people hear the phrase, Made in China, for a non-Chinese company, the first thing that comes to their mind is Third-party Production.

Ashley is an American company, and its furniture is also made in the Chinese region. Thus, it is evident that people will think in that way. But it is different for this famous furniture company.

As of 2023, Ashley has manufacturing plants in 12 locations worldwide. And China is one of the countries where the furniture company has established a factory. From that factory, Ashley supplies furniture in most Asian countries.

Even though one of Ashley’s manufacturing plants is in China, the factory follows strict rules to maintain quality. And the production is controlled from the United States, making it more reliable in terms of quality.

Is any Ashley products made outside the USA?

Ashley is one of the mega furniture companies in the world. It has retail partners in 155 countries globally. Thus, the company has to manufacture furniture outside the United States to fulfill the massive consumer demand.

As of 2023, Ashley has a total number of 25 thousand employees all over 155 countries.

However, the company does not have a manufacturing facility in those countries but has regional production houses. The locations where Ashley manufactures its products internationally are listed below to see at a glance:

  • Kunshan, China
  • Quang Ngai, Vietnam
  • Binh Duong City, Vietnam
  • My Phuoc 3IP, Vietnam
  • Tan Uyen Town, Vietnam