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Is Stanley Furniture Still in Business

The answer is YES. Stanley Furniture is still in business.

Right now, Stanley Furniture continues operations in its Vietnam plant. Unfortunately, the company stopped its domestic manufacturing facilities.

As a result, the company’s North Carolina facility doesn’t manufacture any new goods.

Is Stanley Furniture Still in Business
Stanley Furniture Store/Source/NationalBusinessMirror

Besides, it also closed its Stanleytown manufacturing facility bearing 530 workers. The company’s owner decided to convert this factory into a distribution center and warehouse.

On top of that, the company has a renowned reputation for more than 100 years. Moreover, it manufactures furniture for home and outdoor use for nearly 96 years.

Stanley Furniture also has a special lineup of furniture named “Young America.”

In 2009, the company started to manufacture this special lineup for furniture lovers in the company’s Virginia and North Carolina factories.

What happened to Stanley’s furniture?

Stanley Furniture makes a temporary suspension in its domestic area.

The temporary suspension of Stanley Furniture’s domestic activities was justified by several industry issues linked to Covid.

It began on Wednesday and will continue until “the financial markets of the company become more established and manufacturing flow stabilizes.

Despite this, no estimates of the number of United States workers who will be harmed by the relocation as well as how long the activities will be suspended were provided.

They want to resume regular company operations as soon as possible, even though the length of this essential business disruption is still undetermined.

Despite this, Stanley Furniture tries to continue its operation in the Vietnam facility and it delivers the demanded furniture.

Right now, the company wants to reopen the suspended plant. Because the demand for their furniture is increasing day by day.

And with their remaining plants, the company can’t meet the desired demand at this moment.

In a message, the company’s representative said that they would make every effort to have it fixed as soon as they can, and they would let us know when the route is clear by communicating with us.

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How old is Stanley Furniture Company?

Stanley Furniture was established in 1924. According to its establishment, the company is more than 100 years old.

In the high-end wood residential marketplace, Stanley is a top resource for design, marketing, as well as international sourcing.

The Company produces a diverse product range that is supported by an international sourcing strategy and promotes.

Its brands via a network of furniture wholesalers that includes brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers, and interior designers across the world, as well as through online direct sales to consumers.

The common stock of the company is listed for trading on the NASDAQ using the ticker STLY.

At present, the company bears more than 3,000 workers and they are manufacturing top-quality furniture for customers.

What is the quality of Stanley Furniture?

The furniture quality of Stanley Furniture is top-notch.

Multicultural furniture design is something that Stanley Furniture works very hard to create. The creator of the furniture makes every effort to include variety in the product.

When making its furniture, Stanley employs high-quality materials, along with the final touch sets each item apart from alternatives from other manufacturers in the same category.

The creation of distinctive styles and designs with attractive aesthetics plus easy-to-use features takes plenty of expertise, effort, and time.

Stanley’s household items are a wonderful choice if you’re looking to buy an expensive piece of decor that serves more as an artistic creation than as a useful object.

It gives careful consideration to both style and craftsmanship. This business is renowned for emulating several civilizations’ creative characteristics.

The majority of its furniture products are representative of the cultures that are prevalent in its clients’ settings.

Stanley earns an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality materials and they equally offer a price tag. Some of their best materials hardwoods are…

  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Oak

Except for hardwoods, Stanley Furniture also uses other top-grade equipment, including leather, marble, and metal.

For its furniture for the living room as well as the dining room, Stanley purchases its leather from Italy, Australia, and Sweden.

Due to its exceptional quality, the leather-upholstered decor has a longer lifespan than ordinary furniture items.

The majority of items of decor contain some of the greatest finishing in the business because it insists on top-notch craftsmanship.

For several of its segments, Stanley Furniture employs walnut polish with a matte finish along with polyester coating from Italy.

In conclusion, throughout its existence, the manufacturing facility has consistently given several generations of clients high-quality furniture.

The many years of superb manufacture and craftsmanship still attest to the caliber of the company’s goods.