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Is Drexel Furniture Still in Business

Unfortunately, Drexel Furniture is not in business.

This furniture company no longer manufactures furniture as a result of many mergers and acquisitions by different parent companies.

Furthermore, no company was manufacturing furniture with the Drexel trademark as of 2020.

Is Drexel Furniture Still in Business
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It seems that no business is now licensed to produce furniture under the Drexel Company name.

Drexel’s oldest parent company, Heritage Home Group (HHG), declared bankruptcy in 2018.

Moreover, Heritage Home Group additionally owned prestigious American companies including Maitland Smith, Henredon Furniture, and Hickory Chair.

The Drexel Brand could one day be reintroduced by other trustworthy manufacturers or relevant parent firms in the not-too-distant future.

After all, this furniture company comes with a distinguished past, a loyal customer base, as well as a stellar reputation.

What happened to Drexel Heritage Furniture Company?

In 2013, Drexel Furniture company fell under bankruptcy. During that time, the company was under Heritage Home Group (HHG).

The Company began operations on November 10th, 1903.

Initially, it began manufacturing high-quality furniture in a tiny facility situated near Morganton in the Appalachian Mountains.

Drexel Furniture equally acquired some other renowned furniture companies in 1951, including

  • Morganton Furniture Company
  • Heritage Furniture Company
  • Table Rock Furniture Company

For several years, Drexel marketed residential and commercial furniture simultaneously domestically and overseas.

But in 2013, the parent company of Drexel Furniture fell under bankruptcy. And then it was declared to be sold. The initial goal of Drexel Furniture is still the same.

Their business continues to be led by a sincere dedication to fast service and personalized workmanship, and their style continues to be characterized by an unmistakable, classic personality.

A group of skilled and caring artisans continues developing their furniture for purchase and are still around.

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Who bought Drexel Furniture?

Vanguard Furniture bought Drexel Furniture.

Drexel’s manufacturing plant is situated in Morganton, North Carolina. This plant was acquired by Vanguard Furniture.

According to a report, the 163,000-square-foot plant will be renovated, restocked with new machinery, and restored.

This factory has the most suitable footprint for manufacturing bespoke furniture, according to Vanguard President Andy Bray.

The one-story structure’s high ceilings as well as a single design make it possible for Vanguard to conveniently store raw materials and export completed furniture.

Up to 150 fresh jobs will be generated by this company, which will generate upholstery and case goods.

The decision to grow domestically was prompted by supply chain and high demand problems.

Vanguard’s existing production facilities are no longer enough to fulfil demand.

High-end, bespoke furniture and upholstery are consistently in demand from customers.

In their 53-year existence, the 4th quarter of 2021 saw the highest volume of shipments, and they still have a substantial backlog.

More than 600 individuals are currently employed by the family-run Vanguard.

In High Point, the business has six manufacturing facilities in addition to a 40,000-square-foot showroom.

Is Drexel Furniture the same as Drexel Heritage?

The answer is YES. Drexel Furniture and Drexel Heritage are the same. This business was originally known as Drexel Heritage.

However, in 2017 they changed the title to reflect their transition toward developing both modern and classic furniture.

The company’s name is part of a strategy to give it a distinctively modern look. 

Buyers will get to know about the rebranding of Drexel Heritage as Drexel during the April High Point. 

On top of that, a new modern product emphasis and range was made in collaboration with a renowned designer named Jo Sampson.

Since changing its name to Drexel Heritage in 1968, the firm’s renaming as Drexel is arguably the largest identity makeover.

The Drexel Furniture Company, founded in 1903, alongside the Heritage Furniture Company, acquired in 1951, were both included in the title change at the time.

They altered the name so they could set it apart from other sibling companies in the Heritage Home Group (HHG), such as Henredon and Thomasville.

The brand has created fresh product lines as a result of this transformation, which will be combined with several current collections that are in line with the updated modern focus.

According to the corporation, these assortments will take the place of inline goods that don’t fit that look.

Additionally, the company is substituting its whole selection of leather and fabrics with a bright, modern range.

Plains and velvets with vibrant color saturation are the mainstays of the textile collection.