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Are Nectar And DreamCloud The Same Company?

Nectar and DreamCloud are under the same company named Resident.

Like Nectar and DreamCloud, Resident has three more bedding brands that sell a similar set of goods. Therefore, confusion is a relevant thing to occur.

The following article will give you a brief idea about Nectar and DreamCloud. So, let’s skim it without any delay.

are Nectar and DreamCloud the same company

Is DreamCloud and Nectar made by the same company?

The answer is yes. The Resident is the parent company of both Nectar and DreamCloud.

In 2016, Eric Hutchinson and Ran Reske founded DreamCloud LLC, whose subsidiary brand was Nectar Sleep. The two started this company without any venture capital.

In the first year of business, DreamCloud generated nearly 35 million dollars. On 21 May 2019, the founders changed the name to Resident and established a new subsidiary named DreamCloud.

And this is how Nectar and DreamCloud became sister brands. Currently, Resident sells premium mattresses through the Nectar brand.

On the other hand, DreamCloud has a striking mattress series you can buy.

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What mattress is better, Nectar or DreamCloud?

Both Nectar and DreamCloud have unique properties for which choice varies from consumer to consumer. Let’s try to find out which one is better for you.

The cost is a significant issue when selecting a mattress. Not all can afford expensive mattresses. Between Nectar and DreamCloud, Nectar provides mattresses at more affordable prices.

Therefore, Nectar supplies budget-friendly mattresses. However, Nectar also has a premium sub-category where you will find high-priced mattresses.

Now, speaking of quality, both Nectar and DreamCloud have gotten unique grades. Nectar mattresses have a cushioning property. But DreamCloud mattresses are more supportive and sturdier than Nectar.

If you like softer mattresses, go for the Nectar brand. But if your body generates a lot of heat, you can choose DreamCloud. DreamCloud mattresses can transmit and dissipate heat quickly, which makes the body cooler.

Finally, it can be concluded that if you are looking for a soft and cushioning type mattress at a relatively lower charge, go for Nectar.

But if you have no budget issues and want a mattress that can cool your body while sleeping, it is better to choose DreamCloud.

Is Nectar or DreamCloud more comfortable?

The comfortability of using a mattress varies from person to person. However, generally, most users say DreamCloud is a more comfortable one to use.

Nectar Sleep manufactures mattresses using soft foams. As it is squishy, it has a splendid cushioning capability. Anyways, due to being highly soft, it is less bouncy.

Furthermore, soft mattresses deform more quickly. Therefore, porosity reduces, and the cushioning quality drops.

On the other hand, DreamCloud is bouncy. The foam used in these mattresses is sturdier and more supportive. And the use of memory foam is also helpful in reducing back pain.

Due to being sturdy, DreamCloud deformation rate is slower, and you can use it for a longer time. In a word, for long-term use, it would be a comfortable and superb choice.

Are DreamCloud and Nectar Manufactured in the same place?

The answer is no. DreamCloud and Nectar Sleep may have been under the same company, but the manufacturing facilities of the two are completely different.

The resident manufactures Nectar mattresses from Chinese manufacturers. It does not own any manufacturing facility. From materials selection to assembly, everything is done in China.

After completing the manufacturing, Resident imports Nectar mattresses in the United States. That’s how you get Nectar mattresses in your hands.

On the other hand, Resident manufactures DreamCloud in the United Kingdom. Unlike Nectar, DreamCloud has its manufacturing facility. However, the materials the brand uses come from overseas.

Are Nectar and DreamCloud American brands?

Resident is an American company. And Nectar and DreamCloud are two of the five brands of this company. Therefore, Nectar and DreamCloud are American brands by origin.

Nectar products come from China, and DreamCloud mattresses come from the United Kingdom. So, some may think these are non-American companies.

Though the manufacturers are non-American, the design and material selection is completely dependent on the Resident’s American headquarters. Moreover, the Resident is also responsible for controlling the quality of the mattresses of Nectar and DreamCloud.