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Who Owns DreamCloud Mattresses

An American company named Resident is the owner of DreamCloud mattresses.

Previously, DreamCloud was the mother company. Three years ago, with the increasing number of its brand, it formed Resident and rebranded itself as a subsidiary of that newly formed company.

You will learn more about DreamCloud and its owner company from this article. Go and discover more.

who owns DreamCloud mattresses

Does Resident own DreamCloud?

The answer is yes. Resident is the owner of DreamCloud.

Since 2019, DreamCloud has been operating under Resident. DreamCloud sells premium segment mattresses for Resident. Moreover, it is its unique line of mattresses.

Before Resident had possessed DreamCloud, it was an independent mattress brand. Due to having many sub-brands, owners needed to align all those into one.

The effort of aligning all the mattress sub-brands formed Resident. And DreamCloud became its sub-brand as well.

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Is DreamCloud an American brand?

DreamCloud is an American brand by origin. Eric Hutchinson and Craig Schmeizer established this brand in the United States.

As of 2023, DreamCloud’s headquarters is in the city of California named Walnut. However, on the pen and paper, it is in Palo Alto, California.

Though DreamCloud’s base is in the United States, its products come from overseas. Its mattress material production and assembly production facility is in the United Kingdom.

After completing the production of mattresses, DreamCloud imports those mattresses and stores them in its distribution centers.

Therefore, DreamCloud may be an American brand, but Americans have no contribution to production. It is fully developed in a foreign country, that is the UK.

When was DreamCloud founded?

Before 2019, there was no company named Resident. However, DreamCloud was founded in 2016. Let’s crack how this happened.

In 2016, DreamCloud first started its mattress business. Eric Hutchinson, Craig Schmeizer, and Ran Reske were the three that initialized DreamCloud.

In that following year, DreamCloud sold an estimated 50 thousand mattresses. It brought the company around 35 million dollars. Interestingly, the founders began this company with no venture capital.

As the years passed, DreamCloud owners founded more mattress sub-brands, such as Nectar, Awara, etc. However, the parent company, DreamCloud, also had its separate mattress line.

Therefore, to manage and arrange all the brands together, DreamCloud founders rebranded DreamCloud as Resident. On the contrary, DreamCloud rebranded as a subsidiary group of Resident on 21 May 2019.

What brands does Resident own?

Though Resident owns DreamCloud, it has four other mattress brands. And each of the brands sells different types of mattresses. However, DreamCloud beds are the most expensive among those.

The mattress brands that the Resident owns are listed below to see at a glance:

  • DreamCloud
  • Nectar
  • Siena
  • Cloverlane
  • Awara

Nectar and Cloverlane mattress brands were established at the time DreamCloud was founded. Both Nectar and Cloverlane were sub-brands of DreamCloud back then.

On the other hand, Awara is a comparatively newer brand than DreamCloud, Nectar, and Cloverlane. It was founded in 2019 when DreamCloud was rebranded as Resident.

The latest brand of Resident is Siena. It was launched in 2022 and has created a place in the bedding market in a short time.

Like DreamCloud, all other brands of Resident have their unique mattress lines. And each sub-brand has a targeted group of customers to sell its mattresses.

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how many years do the DreamCloud mattresses last

How many years do the DreamCloud mattresses last?

According to the DreamCloud community, its mattresses should last around ten years or so. However, it is based on the user.

It is a question with variable answers. Firstly, it depends on the quality of the material used to manufacture DreamCloud. As it is a brand that sells premium quality mattresses, the material is not a concern here.

Then comes the user. If you use DreamCloud mattresses frequently now and then, it is evident that they will sag quicker than expected.

Then, there is another category of users. They often play jumping on their mattresses. It is the quickest way to sag your mattress. But again, DreamCloud uses memory foam. Therefore, the sagging may delay.

Finally, comes any type of liquid, such as water. Water is not adequate for your mattress’s health. It will help to grow mold in your bed and eventually ruin it.