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Who Makes My Nuzzle Pillow

Nuzzle makes its zero gravity support pillow in its production facility. And Jack C. is behind the production of Nuzzle Pillow as the company’s CEO.

This pillow company has booked the limelight using NASA’s technology to manufacture long-lasting comfy pillows. Read further to learn more about Nuzzle Pillow.

Who Makes My Nuzzle Pillow
Source: LinkedIn

Who made my Nuzzle pillow?

Jack C. is the founder of Nuzzle. After long research, he discovered that a quality pillow provides sound sleep.

For the analysis, Jack C. experienced all the cushions that technological companies sell out in the market. But no pillow was giving satisfactory results. Thus, he came out with an idea.

He used NASA’s technology of zero gravity which is used for astronauts. And it gave an excellent result. Now, in the technological pillow market, Nuzzle has dominated with its advanced science.

Does Nuzzle make pillows in the USA

Does Nuzzle make pillows in the USA?

The answer is no. Nuzzle does not manufacture pillows in the USA. The only country where the company runs production operations is Canada, and from there, it supplies its pillows worldwide.

Besides manufacturing pillows in Canada, Nuzzle is a Canadian company as well. There is no information about when Jack C. established the company.

But in Jack C.’s profile on Linkedin, he has included an experience point as the founder of Nuzzle. There the date of his founding of the company is March 2019.

Therefore, we can consider that Nuzzle was established in March 2019.

Though Nuzzle does not manufacture pillows in the United States, you can buy them online. Besides, this company did not release its products for the offline markets and only vends pillows online.

Does Nuzzle make pillows in China

Does Nuzzle make pillows in China?

Nuzzle only makes pillows in Canada. It does not have any manufacturing facilities outside this country.

However, as it only sells its products online, you can buy its pillows from anywhere on Earth as long as your location supports international shipping.

Though Nuzzle pillows are made in Canada, some people may suspect that it is made in China. The reason is that it is a new company.

Generally, newer companies use third-party manufacturers in China for profit. But it is not the case for this company.

Nuzzle uses advanced technology. Thus, a not random third-party manufacturer can apply this science to make pillows for Nuzzle. Therefore, there is no way Nuzzle could depend on Chinese producers.

Moreover, there is a quality issue. Nuzzle takes around 100 dollars per pillow. It is way too high for a pillow’s price. Thus, quality is something Nuzzle is determined to maintain.

Does Nuzzle make good pillows?

Nuzzle pillows give a better sleep experience than most other companies out in the market. Some distinct features of Nuzle pillows have made this company’s pillow quality superior to most companies.

The pillows the company manufactures are made of technologies that NASA uses for its astronauts. As astronauts in space cannot switch their pads each time, they lose their shape.

Therefore, NASA used zero gravity technology to maintain the pad’s shape that the astronauts would use in space-station. And Nuzzle is utilizing the same technology for its pillows.

Therefore, it is evident that the sleep experience will be improved with this company’s pillow.

Besides using zero gravity technology, Nuzzle pillow has some other properties that have made this company’s pillow superior.

The features that have intensified the sleeping experience using this brand’s pillow are given below to see at a glance:

The pillow Nuzzle has developed and can conduct heat very quickly. Therefore, while you sleep on it, it can take away the excess heat generated on the contact surface of your skin and pillow fast and reduce heat.

Moreover, Nuzzle pillows are squishy. It can suck air quickly and retain its shape. Therefore, sagging and deforming are not possible.

According to Nuzzle, it uses high-quality materials. Therefore, people who seek quality products can buy its pillows.

In a word, Nuzzle manufactures good quality pillows, which have properties that make them far superior to other brands’ cushions.