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Is Birch Lane Owned by Wayfair

Yes, Wayfair owns Birch Lane. Moreover, Wayfair was the one that launched Birch Lane, through which the company sells traditional home furnishings.

Though it has only been nine years since Wayfair launched Birch Lane, this brand has acquired a significant reputation. Read the following article to learn more about this rising furniture manufacturer.

is Birch Lane owned by Wayfair

When did Wayfair launch Birch Lane?

Wayfair introduced Birch Lane to the furniture market in Boston, Mechassuets, United States, on 26 March 2014. And the founder of Birch Lane was Niraj Shah.

Niraj Shah established Birch Lane as a traditional furniture-focused company. And he has completed the task he took into his hands successfully.

As of 2023, Birch Lane’s website shows the motto, Classic Style for Joyful Living, on its front webpage. From this tagline, the company is delivering the message that the company is selling traditional furniture.

Besides selling classical furniture, Birch Lane sells furnishings from low to high ranged pricing. Therefore, everyone can use traditional furniture as this type of furniture is eye-pleasing for many people.

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What companies are owned by Wayfair?

As of 2023, Wayfair Professional owns five furniture brands as subsidiaries. The brands that are operating under Wayfair, including

  • Wayfair
  • AllModern
  • Joss & Main
  • Birch Lane
  • Perigold

Besides being the parent company of these five companies, Wayfair is the founder of all these companies as well.

In 2002, Steve Conine and Niraj Shah established Wayfair in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The two established Wayfair to manufacture furniture whose design tends to be traditional, farmhouse, and rustic.

As the business of Wayfair grew, Niraj Shah established the AllModern furniture company in 2006. Since then, it has operated as a subsidiary company of Wayfair.

In 2011, Wayfair founded Joss & main as the company’s third subsidiary company. Joss & Main is also a furniture company that focuses on modern and curvy furnishings.

After three years of establishing Joss & Main, Wayfair founded Birch Lane. This subsidiary brand produces furniture that creates a vibe of a traditional environment and has gained massive success.

Finally, in 2017, Wayfair launched another furniture brand named Perigold. Wayfair introduced this company to the market to show the world the immense collection variation it has created.

Is Birch Lane part of Pottery Barn?

The answer is no. Birch Lane is not a part of Pottery Barn. Moreover, these two brands do not have any known connections as well.

Birch Lane is a part of Wayfair. Wayfair has been the parent company of this furniture brand since its establishment. And the founder of Birch Lane is Niraj Shah.

On the other hand, Pottery Barn is a subsidiary brand of Williams-Sonoma in 2023. Before going under Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn has been under many different companies.

Moreover, Pottery Barn was never under Wayfair. Thus, Birch Lane and Pottery Barn do not have any official connections.

Now, let’s talk about the similarities between Birch Lane and Pottery Barn. First of all, both of these companies are furniture manufacturers.

However, there are differences between Birch Lane and Pottery Barn furniture. Birch Lane focuses on a traditional design, deeper color, and texture. On the other hand, Pottery Barn furniture is more modern looking.

Therefore, Birch Lane and Pottery Barn manufacture the same kind of products with different designs and textures. But it does not mean that these two companies are part of one another.

What is the difference between Birch Lane and Wayfair?

Birch Lane and Wayfair are subsidiary companies of Wayfair Inc. Though the brands manufacture furniture under the same company, their products’ quality, texture, design, etc., have some differences.

Birch Lane furniture gives a classical vibe. The furniture of Birch Lane has gotten a medieval texture. Moreover, the design also reflects middle-century craftsmanship.

In a word, Birch Lane focuses on consumers that love antique furniture rather than futuristic ones.

But Wayfair manufactures furniture with a mix of modern and traditional designs. As a result, the structure of Wayfair furniture is more minimalistic and perfectly blends with most modern houses.

Moreover, Birch Lane uses deeper colors than Wayfair furniture. Thus, its furniture suits perfectly farmhouses where dirt and humidity are a matter of concern.